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The Costa del Sol is blessed with fantastic weather, around 320 days of sunshine a year, so it goes without saying that many of the attractions are the sandy beaches, and the bars and restaurants that fringe them.

Away from the beaches and shopping centres there are very many more places of interest, here are a few:

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Also, according to European official statistics, Spain has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere in Europe. The latest figures put the figure at around 50% less crime than the UK average with the majority being minor and non-violent.

The average 'streetwise' visitor can feel safe in knowing that by taking no more than normal precautions the chances of being a victim are fairly low.

Our advice is:

  • Don't leave your handbag, wallet or valuables in full view in a public place, and don't leave them on show in a parked car.
  • If you have a car make sure that you remove the keys from the ignition and lock it whenever you leave it as opportunist thieves will pounce on the unwary.
  • Lock your apartment at all times, even when you are inside. It has been known for thieves to enter an apartment while the occupants have been relaxing on the terrace. The first that you would know of this is when you notice something missing!
  • Don't carry large amounts of cash on your person, or if you do don't make a show of it when making purchases. Just about every business in Spain will take card payments apart from the local street markets.
  • Ladies, carry your handbag with the opening towards your body and keep it closed.
  • Men, keep your wallet in an inside or zipped pocket.

All pretty sensible really and exactly the same as we would do when visiting any other country.

In our eight years living in Spain we never felt threatened or intimidated, were never been concerned over break ins at our apartment, and were never worried about walking around the local towns late at night.

Yes there is crime, yes there are some violent episodes, but in our opinion the area is far safer than the average holiday location. Just be as sensible as you would be in your local area.

In our experience most tourist issues arise from the visitor switching off completely when they arrive and forgetting to be aware of their surroundings. Please relax and enjoy yourselves but don't make yourself a victim.

You may have watched one or more of the sensationalist crime shows on UK television that make out the Costa del Sol to be one of the worst places in the world as far as crime and violent behaviour go. As is the norm for these shows they feature the worst behaviour that they can find, and condense all that behaviour into a short episode.

Having watched some of these episodes I fail to recognise what they portray as the Spain that we have come to know and love. You would be unfortunate to see any of these crimes while on holiday here, unless you happened to be one of those mindless, drunken morons that feature in these shows... and if you were one of those people you wouldn't be on this site looking for quality accommodation with us, would you? 


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